Teqwork takes away barriers that might prevent you from coming to the Netherlands. This way, you can focus entirely on your career in the Netherlands.

We take away the worries from our employees

From the moment of arrival on, we will guide you. We will help you to get the documents you need to start working, such as a social security number, a bank account number, registry in the civil registration, a safety passport and industry-related certificates, the last of which we can already help you with in your home country.

Facilitating care
In addition, at Teqwork, we think it’s only natural to facilitate you as well as we can. We offer excellent housing, comfortable transportation, work clothing, proper PPE and tools, medical, financial and legal help and social activities.

Housing provided by Teqwork

julian"I really wanted to work in the Netherlands, because I believe here I will have opportunities I do not have at home. Teqwork got me a job in which I can use my own knowledge while also offering the opportunity to learn new things.

They made me feel at home here right from the start. Their support meant that I didn’t have to worry about whether I would find a place to live, or where I had to go in order to get medical help. I’m feeling completely at home in the Netherlands now."

Julian (46), Technician at Teqwork

We will discuss upfront which of our services you would like to use and the costs associated with them. We will try to keep the costs as low as possible. Our experience is that it’s often more expensive to arrange everything yourself than to outsource it to us. Of course you are free to decide this for yourself. In that case you will indicate in advance that you do not wish to use certain services of Teqwork.


Teqwork offers various types of housing. The locations we have at our disposal vary from family homes to flats and apartments. We have also realised apartment complexes in which we can also offer additional facilities such as a gym and study places. If you would like to use our housing services, we will inform you upfront where you are going to live. This depends on the place you’ll work and our occupancy planning.