Teqwork is a member of a group of employment agencies who have been active in the industry for some 35 years. In Teqwork, this experience is combined in the field of mediation for highly-educated technicians in the industries of shipbuilding, petrochemistry and industry.

International employment mediation
In the Netherlands there is a shortage of highly-educated technicians. This shortage is only going to increase in the coming years as a result of a larger number of older employees who go into retirement than new technicians graduating. In order to meet demand, we’re looking for the solution outside our national boundaries.
This solution requires getting a foothold in the international labour market and knowledge and knowhow in finding specialised technicians, to select them and the skills to place them in the Dutch labour market; Teqwork has all of these skills.

The right match
In order to make sure that we match the right person with your company, we use tools to assess the fitness of an employee or to improve this. We can do this in the Netherlands or in the home country. We use interviews, tests, courses on subject matter, language courses or trainee programmes. This way we are sure that we have the right person for your company.

Corporate Social Responsibility
At Teqwork we value Corporate Social Responsibility. At Teqwork, the question is not whether or not we work green, but how. Together with your company, we will assess how we can optimise our method as responsible as possible.

Working with Teqwork?

Are you also looking for skilled technical personnel? Then please contact Teqwork. Together we will look for the right person to fill your vacancy.

Man working for Teqwork


Teqwork is VCU certified. Moreover, all of Teqwork’s residences were awarded the housing certificates issued by Stichting Normering Flexwonen (SNF) and Stichting Normering Arbeid (SNA).

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